Evantias Chaudat

Through my plastic and poetic work, I try to create an intimate connexion with what our Western culture so often tends to distance: other living beings, elements, invisible forces, our bodies. For me, the bodies that we are resonate with the other bodies that inhabit the universe, whether they are alive or not. I explore these resonances, these continuities and these metamorphoses nestled in what surrounds us.

I aspire to offer other ways of looking at what is before our eyes every day – a cloud, a plant, a skin – in order to awaken a certain sensitivity for what surrounds us and of which we are related.

I like the film process because the material of the film echoes that of beings and things. A grained, reactive material that cracks and evolves over time.

My work is nourished by the impact that certain philosophical and scientific contents had on me, the strong relationship that I maintain with my own sensations and feelings, and my encounters with the works of other artists such as those of Edward Weston, Marie-Jeanne Musiol and José Antonio Sistiaga which touch me directly to the heart.